Small Great Things – Tip Toe Stage School

January 20, 2019

The adults at Tip Toe Stage School have been giving stickers out during their dance and stage classes to those students who have been seen doing something small, which has made a great difference to someone else. Then at the end of each month, a special announcement is made and certificates are given out in celebration of being kind and doing things for others.

Pictured are some of the SGT superheroes for this month. The Small Great Things being accomplished range from helping someone who was feeling bullied at their school to feel safe by walking with them…helping to ease younger dance students worries before a performance, and helping to break down more complex steps into smaller more manageable steps for someone who was struggling a little until they got the hang of it.

None of these young people were asked by the adults to do this – they just saw an opportunity to do a Small Great Thing for someone else at no extra cost to themselves.

Well done and congratulations for being kind and taking the time to do something small but great for someone else to make them feel better. You really are SGT Superheroes!
Instagram: tiptoestageschool1986