Social Care for Children

Essex County Council has an obligation to assess the needs of children and young people with disabilities and then to offer support and services, including, where appropriate, a Personal Budget (which may be a direct payment or direct provision of services) to meet the needs identified of the child or young person and their carers. Currently Children and Families are reviewing the way they assess and allocate Direct Payments and Direct Provision in Essex. The focus of this review is to ensure the process is transparent and equitable across Essex.

The Child and Family Assessment will identify whether there are needs that cannot be met in the community. Together we will explore your extended networks whether this is through family, friends or other community resources. Should additional services be required to meet the needs identified (and universal and or community services cannot meet these needs) then together we will see how best this can be achieved. Services will be outcomes focused and must meet these needs. The assessment must be reviewed to ensure we capture the changing circumstances of the child and that we can be sure the outcomes are being achieved.

For disabled children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan the social care assessment will determine the social care element of that plan, where appropriate. For young people we seek to work in partnership to develop a plan for a smooth transition to adulthood, including further education and employment and independent living opportunities with appropriate care support.

The 0 – 15 social care teams provide a range of services including:

  • Support to children and young people and their families in their home, where appropriate.
  • Help parents identify local resources within their community
  • Helping young people with the transition into adulthood.
  • Personal care and behavioural support for families experiencing difficulties managing their child’s care and behaviour in the home.
  • Personal Budget which would be in the form of direct payments to parents, carers or disabled young people under 16 years old to purchase care services for themselves, where there is an assessed need
  • Short break overnight provision for children and young people with complex care and behavioural needs.
  • Community-based short breaks.
  • Child protection and adult safeguarding.
  • Short breaks for parents and carers of a disabled child at home or in a different setting.
  • Short breaks such as Shared care and other support for disabled children and young people in care

The following link provides guidance about assessing and supporting disabled children and young people Support for Disabled Children and Young People and Their Families

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