Social Care for Young Adults

The 15-25 years Young People with Disabilities Team provide a range of advice, guidance, support and interventions to young people with disabilities and their families. They use person centred approaches to gain understanding about what is important to and for young people and their families across all areas of their lives; they also work holistically and collaboratively with health and education partners and independent providers and services.

You can read more about the role and functions of the Children and Young People with Disabilities Service by clicking this link Children and Young People with Disabilities Service

Working Age Adults

Where the young person is aged 18 and over and has finished their education they would receive support from one of the Community teams who would manage their care up until the age of 65.

You can read more about the role and function of social care for adults for by clicking this link Adult Social Care.


As a child you will have received free transport to school. When you turn 18 you may be eligible to receive some assistance in paying for transport to school or college. However, if you receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the higher rate or if you have a Motability car, you will not receive transport support. You will find more information about transport by clicking this link Transport

Personal Budgets

If, after the assessments have been carried out, you are entitled to a financial contribution to services from Essex County Council, this can be provided by means of a personal budget. A Personal Budget is Social Care money paid to you to help you to live in the way that you have identified in your agreed Support Plan. Any money Essex County Council give you towards your Personal Budget is tax-free and will not affect your benefits or income.

You can spend your Personal Budget on:

  • paying someone to support you such as a support worker or personal assistant
  • other ways of meeting your needs such as attending a college or joining a group in your local community
  • something that meets your eligible needs such as a piece of equipment or other one off purchase
  • other imaginative solutions that will help to meet your eligible needs.

Choosing how you want your Personal Budget to be managed:

  1. you can have your Personal Budget paid directly to you
  2. you can have your Personal Budget managed by a deputy or as a short term measure a Trustee, another person or organisation who you or your representative chooses
  3. Essex County Council can manage your Personal Budget for you
  4. Or, you can choose a combination of Option 3 and either 1 or 2.

For more information on Personal Budgets please click here.

Support Plan

You will then need to create a support plan to show how the Personal Budget will be used to buy the services that meet your needs. A support plan is a detailed plan that tells us about you as an individual and how you would like to use your budget to support your needs.

The support plan should be as individual as you are! As long as it shows clearly what support you need and how you will use your budgets to meet these needs, you can decide what your Support Plan will look like.

You can create your own plan or ask a family member, friend or informal carer to help you. You can also ask that Essex County Council supports you in preparing your plan, or you can go to an advocate or independent organisation for support.