Tesco – Help for Hidden Disabilities

December 9, 2019

Tesco customers with ‘hidden’ conditions such as autism, diabetes, hearing loss or multiple sclerosis often need a little extra help in-store.  The sunflower lanyard is available in all stores to customers who may have a hidden disability. By wearing one, the people who work at Tesco will know that you may appreciate a bit of help.

How to get a sunflower lanyard

You can get one in store. Just ask at the customer service desk in larger stores, or at the checkout in smaller ones. The lanyards are free and you don’t need to provide proof of a disability.

What to expect when you’re in a store

If you’re wearing the lanyard, Tesco workers should recognise it and understand that you have a hidden disability and that you may need a little extra help or time. However, they will not know what your particular disability is, or what challenges and issues you may face. If you have specific requirements, please ask one of our colleagues for help.

Booking help in advance

For specific needs or help when you shop, contact the store’s customer service desk to book help before your shopping trip.

Shopping aids for people with autism

Tesco have an autism-friendly visual guide to shopping at Tesco.  You can also download their visual shopping list.

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