Transition (LDD)

Year 6 reviews for pupils with SEND – points to consider

  • Do parents/carers need support with thinking about secondary provision? Any questions about suitability of provision other than mainstream need to be directed to Statutory Assessment Service.
  • Is the secondary school invited to the review meeting? Even if parents are uncertain about which school, it is always helpful to invite the SENCO from the likely secondary school or catchment secondary school as they can give information about a typical Year 7 day. This can be helpful information when thinking about what an individual pupil needs to have in place to support a successful transition into Key Stage 3
  • At the review meeting:
    • ensure parents and carers can ask questions about the new school and how things work there, for example homework is often a concern
    • support parents in having clear information about contact details for the secondary SENCO/Inclusion Manager, so they can ask any other questions after the meeting and once their son or daughter has moved schools
    • if the school use a planner and a two week timetable can examples be sent in the summer term so the pupil can be familiar with them
    • consider booking in dates for addition visits with the secondary school. These can be at different times of day so that the pupil experiences moving around the building, lunch time, lesson changes, etc before their taster day. Ask if photographs can be taken on these visit for transition work back in the primary school. Additional visits can be very positive for a pupil’s self-esteem as they will know more than their peers who may be visiting for the first time on a taster day
  • If a Specialist Teacher has been involved during the primary phase, ask them about support for transition and Year 7 as this will vary depending on the area of SEND, and it is important that parents are aware of any changes

A good Year 6 transition review is a major step in ensuring that any pupil with SEND settles quickly and learns effectively from day 1 of Year 7.

Transition to Secondary School – Tips for Parents