Transition to primary school (SLCN)

When parents are considering a suitable school which they are confident will support their child with SLCN, the Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service recommends the following resources:

Primary School Checklist Primary School Questions

Specialist Teachers (SLCN) are alerted to children with SLCN who are moving into Essex schools by liaison with:

  • Area SENCOs who support all Essex preschool settings, and will be aware of all children notified to the local authority by health as having special educational needs (including SLCN)
  • Essex schools who make a request for support in relation to children who are attending school nursery classes
  • the local Speech and Language Therapy services
  • the Statutory Assessment Service who will be aware of children with high needs who have been brought to their attention

Specialist Teachers (SLCN) may be involved in supporting a child’s transition to school by:

  • attending a Transition Planning meeting
  • contributing to the agreed Transition Action plan