Transition to secondary school (SLCN)

Specialist Teachers (SLCN) work with Essex primary schools to support staff in helping children with SLCN to make successful transitions from primary to secondary school.

Preparation for the transition of individual pupils with SLCN will begin as early as Year 5.

Case Study: Andrew’s transition to secondary school – support a pupil with communication and interaction needs

Service activities designed to support secondary schools to meet the needs of pupils with SLCN follow the guidelines recommended by the Communication Trust. These fall under 4 broad themes:

Theme 1: Awareness of both SLC and of SLCN in particular – the importance of communication skills for both students and staff

Theme 2: A whole school approach – an emphasis on communication should be part of the school strategy, so that it is prioritised by staff, and that training is provided for all members of staff

Theme 3: A focus on specific subjects – the importance of key vocabulary for curriculum subjects, and awareness of how to support children with SLCN in specific subjects

Theme 4: Transition – awareness of the long-term nature of transition for pupils with SLCN