Transitions (PNI)

The team may help with preparation and planning for your child’s transition between key stages

Prior to starting school, support for your child may include:

  • Assessing need
  • Providing reports for monitoring your child’s progress or for the Statutory Assessment process
  • Advising about accessible schools
  • Working in conjunction with recommendations made by physiotherapists or occupational therapists to ensure your child has the appropriate furniture and equipment in place so that they can access a broad and balanced curriculum in their school setting
  • Making recommendations in relation to the accessibility of schools and submitting requests for consideration of building adaptations by the local authority (Case study)
  • Providing advice and support to help the school to meet its obligation with regards to risk assessment
  • Supporting good liaison between the preschool and the school during transition
  • Supporting good liaison between families, the school and health professionals
  • Providing advice on pupil induction programmes to ensure your child has a smooth transition

Case study – Working with other professionals to support Kyle’s transition to junior school

Case study – Working with other professionals to facilitate Joshua’s transition from preschool to primary school

Case study – Eve’s transition to primary school

Case study – Hazel’s transition to secondary school

In preparation for transition to further education provision, support may include:

  • Liaising with new professionals who will be involved and supporting a dialogue between the settings
  • Advising on planning to meet short and long term needs
  • Advising on issues relating to buildings and curriculum access
  • Sharing knowledge of what has worked well
  • Advising and supporting colleges with induction programmes

Case study: Ivan’s transition to further education