Essex Youth Offending Service

Essex Youth Offending Service (YOS) supervises young people subject to interventions ordered by the courts (Magistrates’ and Crown courts) and Youth Cautions and Conditional Cautions issued by Essex police. Essex YOS also oversees the youth justice system in Essex county.

Essex YOS is directed by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) of England and Wales on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Essex YOS works to prevent offending and reoffending by children and young people under the age of 18, and to ensure that custody for them is safe, secure, and addresses the causes of their offending behaviour. However, YOS cannot intervene directly in cases where young people have not committed an offence.

YOS remains committed to prevention and early intervention and therefore has seconded a number of staff to support young people at risk of offending through the early help hub as part of the Family Solutions Service. For more information visit the website.

Youth Justice Board and Ministry of Justice vision

The MOJ vision is of an effective youth justice system, where:

  • more offenders are caught, held to account for their actions, and stop offending
  • children and young people receive the support they need to lead crime-free lives
  • victims are better supported
  • the public has more confidence in the youth justice system

Youth Offending Teams (YOTs)

The Youth Offending Teams are key to the success of the Youth Justice System. There is a YOT in every local authority in England and Wales. In Essex there are 4 locality YOTs:

  • Basildon covering South Essex (not Southend and Thurrock)
  • Chelmsford covering Mid Essex
  • Colchester covering North Essex
  • Harlow covering West Essex

Each YOT is made up of representatives from the Police, Probation Service, Social Services, Health, Education, Drugs and Alcohol Misuse and Housing Officers. Each YOT is managed by a YOT Manager who is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the youth justice services in each locality in Essex County.

Because the YOT incorporates representatives from a wide range of services, it can respond to the needs of young offenders in a comprehensive way. The YOT identifies the needs of each young offender by assessing them with a national assessment. It identifies the specific problems that make the young person offend as well as measuring the risks they pose to themselves and to others. This enables the YOT to identify suitable programmes to address the needs of the young person with the intention of preventing further offending.

In addition to the 4 locality teams, there are specialist teams:

  • Intensive Supervision and Surveillance (ISS) team (delivering specific requirements with young ordered by the courts)
  • Group work team (delivering offending behaviour programmes to young people)
  • Restorative justice team (working with local communities and victims of crime to help repair harm caused through offending behaviour)

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